NBA 2k24 takeovers – badges and icons explained

NBA 2k24 takeovers - badges and icons explained Character dribbling a basketball

NBA 2k24 has brought many new changes to this series, and returning players can be confused by it. One of these transformed features is the Takeover system and don’t worry it has not been removed, but rather the way you access it has been changed. So, to explain this system in a much simpler manner, this article will provide you with a guide to the Takeovers in NBA 2k24.

Takeover was a well-liked feature in NBA 2k23, as it would improve your player’s stats significantly. This is why so many players were surprised to see that the devs have decided to tinker with it in NBA 2k24. Players may have divided opinions regarding this new implementation, but once you understand the new Takeover system, using it will become a lot easier.

Keep reading to find out about the Takeovers in NBA 2k24. The article will also talk about badges and icons.

NBA 2k24 takeovers - badges and icons explained Character about to make a slam dunk

How to use takeovers in NBA 2k24

Previously, players could access the Takeover system when they used the MyPlayer builder. However, in NBA 2k24, you can no longer find this feature in this section anymore. Instead, Takeover Badges has been transformed into real-time Takeover Icons that you can access while playing through a match.

Remember to change the status of Takeover Icons to “On” in the game settings. You have to play well to fill up your Takeover Meter, and once you do this, a small pop-up menu will open. When this menu becomes visible, you will be able to see all the categories in the form of Icons. The following are all of them:

  • Finishing: Checkered flag (A/X)
  • Shooting: Sniper icon (X/Square)
  • Playmaking: Basketball with trail (Y/Triangle)
  • Defensive/Rebounding: Shield (LB/L1)
  • Physicals: Hand-holding dumbbell (RB/R1)

This new implementation creates a much faster way to boost your player’s performance, and now you can clearly see the results of each category. You will be able to identify which ratings you will need to boost pretty easily. You can also wait for the Takeover bar to fill up again and get access to Double Takeover.

This is how basically the Takeover System works in NBA 2k24. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles such as NBA 2K24 timing stability guide and Starfield voice actors and cast guide.