Best jumpshots NBA 2k24 - all the best ones Character celebrating a basket

Best jumpshots NBA 2k24 – all the best ones

Designing the perfect jumpshot build in NBA 2k24 will turn your player into an overpowered beast hunting down the basket. This is a type of shot that when mastered becomes so consistently strong and precise that it can easily make or break a game for you. But before you reach this point, you have to know what are the best jumpshots in NBA 2k24 and how you can make them for your build.

This article will provide a definite list of the strong jumpshots you can have for your player. NBA 2k24 comes with pretty detailed customization options. So, you will have to consider certain elements for it to perfectly work.

Keep reading to find out about the best jumpshots in NBA 2k24. These jumpshots will truly transform your game, and get ready to get countless amount of wins in the bag.

Best jumpshots NBA 2k24 - all the best ones Character taking a jumpshot

Best Jumpshots in NBA 2k24

The following are the best jumpshot builds in NBA 2k24:

Under 6’5

  • Base: Stephen Curry
  • Upper Release 1: Darius Garland 
  • Upper Release 2: Trae Young 
  • Blending & Release Speed: Darius Garland 70% / Trae Young 30%

6’5” – 6’9”

  • Base: JT Thor 
  • Upper Release 1: Tobias Harris 
  • Upper Release 2: Dante Exum 
  • Blending & Release Speed: Tobias Harris 75% / Dante Exum 25%

6’10” and over

  • Base: Andre Drummond
  • Upper Release 1: Tim Duncan
  • Upper Release 2: Jaren Jackson Jr. 
  • Blending & Release Speed: Tim Duncun 58% / Jaren Jackson Jr. 42%

These are some of the best current jumpshot builds for your player. Use them to dominate matches and become the best of the best.

Best settings for Jumpshots in NBA 2k24

Customizing your settings is equally as important as your build if not more. Without having the perfect Shot Time Visual Cue or Free Throw Timing, you won’t be able to use your Jumpshot builds to its full potential. The following are all the jumpshot settings you should have:

  • Vibration: On
  • Shot Timing: Shots and Layups
  • Free Throw Timing: User Timing
  • Jump Shots Meter: Off 
  • Shot Timing Visual Cue: Set Point
  • Layup Meter: On
  • Free Throw Meter: On
  • Shot Maker Input Type: All

After you customize your settings you are good to go. Try out each build and see which one suits you the best and get ready to make every shot count.

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