Starfield Surgical Strike – Kill or Spare Maya?

Starfield surgical Strike - talking to Ari

As you navigate the vast universe of Starfield, you will encounter various choices and decisions that shape your journey. One such decision presents itself during the Starfield Surgical Strike mission, where you will face the dilemma of whether to kill or spare Maya Cruz. In this article, we will delve into the consequences of both choices and explore the implications for your character in Starfield.

The decision to kill or spare Maya represents a moral crossroads, allowing players to explore different facets of their character’s personality.

Read on to find out whether you should kill or space Maya in the Starfield Surgical Strike mission.

Should you Kill or Spare Maya in Starfield?

Before you can make the decision to kill or spare Maya Cruz in Starfield, it’s essential to understand her backstory. Maya is a technical genius who has gone into hiding due to her involvement in various clandestine activities. As you progress through the game, you will have to confront the advanced robots she designed, leading you to an encounter with Maya herself.

Upon finding her, a brief battle ensues, and this is where the pivotal decision must be made. Starfield presents you with three dialogue options:

  • “I’m not leaving until I get some information about the First.”
  • “Attack – You leave me no choice.”
  • “How has life kicked you around?”

These options serve as different avenues for exploring the ultimate decision of whether to kill or spare Maya in Starfield’s Surgical Strike mission. Let’s delve into the consequences of each choice.

Killing Maya Cruz

Opting to kill Maya in Starfield’s Surgical Strike mission may appeal to those seeking immediate rewards. Should you choose this path, you will engage in combat with Maya, who, despite her technical prowess, is not an overly formidable opponent. Defeating her will yield the following loot:

  • 2868 Credits
  • 3KV LZR Cartridge (50)
  • Arc Welder

While not the most remarkable loot, it still holds value within the game. Killing Maya has no lasting consequences on any questlines, making it an attractive option for players who embrace a ruthless playstyle.

“Choosing to kill Maya in Starfield’s Surgical Strike mission may grant you valuable loot, but it comes at the cost of a life.”

Sparing Maya Cruz

Alternatively, you may choose to spare Maya in Starfield’s Surgical Strike mission, leading to a brief conversation with her. While you won’t gain much information about the First, Maya will willingly hand over the Encrypted Slate, a critical quest item. Afterward, she accepts her impending fate, retreating to her bed to await her inevitable demise.

Sparing Maya in Starfield’s Surgical Strike mission has no significant consequences since she is already on death’s row. Her story concludes with this encounter, leaving no further impact on the game’s narrative.

“Sparing Maya in Starfield’s Surgical Strike mission may not alter the course of events significantly, but it showcases a moment of compassion in an otherwise harsh universe.”

What happens if you spare or kill Maya Cruz?

Despite the weighty decision presented in Starfield’s Surgical Strike mission, killing or sparing Maya Cruz does not result in a profound shift in the game’s storyline. The choice ultimately rests with the player and their character’s moral compass. Whether you opt for ruthless pragmatism or empathetic leniency, Starfield allows you to shape your character’s journey according to your desired roleplaying experience.

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