Fragarach Fire Emblem Engage - how to get the weapon alear in combat

Fragarach Fire Emblem Engage – how to get the weapon

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Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical JRPG where you will be able to get various characters and have them use weapons. In this guide, we will take you through how to get Fragarach Fire Emblem Engage.

Fragarach is one of the weapons that you can get in the game. While you cannot buy it with the in-game currency, there is a different way to obtain it.

So, let’s find out how you can get Fragarach Fire Emblem Engage!

How to get the weapon Fragarach in Fire Emblem Engage

In the game, Fragarach is a legendary axe that requires a proficiency level of S, making it one of the most challenging weapons to obtain in the game. Fragarach cannot be purchased in-game; it must be earned through a series of specific actions.

To obtain Fragarach, you must first level up Solm, one of the game’s characters, to level 5. This can be accomplished by taking advantage of the bulletin board in Cafe Terrace. This allows you to donate money to the four kingdoms of Elyos, the game’s setting. Solm must reach level 5 before you can obtain Fragarach. To do so, you must donate a total of 50,000G worth of in-game currency to the kingdoms.

While obtaining Fragarach can be a challenging task, it is well worth the effort. The weapon is immensely powerful and can turn the tide of battles in your favor. The Fragarach’s stat changes with each upgrade, increasing its might, hit, and critical rate. Upgrading the weapon requires specific materials, which you can get through various means.

Overall, obtaining and upgrading Fragarach is a rewarding task for any Fire Emblem Engage player looking to gain an edge in battle. If you’re looking for more guides on this game, make sure to take a look at maddening fixed growths explained and how to get the character Soren.