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Fire Emblem Engage – best Emblem pairings

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Fire Emblem Engage is the latest addition to the Fire Emblem series, where you can build up your party of characters and battle against powerful enemies. You might be wondering what the best Emblem pairings in Fire Emblem Engage are, so we have a guide here for it.

The RPG game has been released for the Nintendo Switch on 20th January. Fans of the previous installment Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be able to find some familiar faces in the game.

You’ll need to pick your units carefully for battle, so let’s find out more about the best emblem pairings in Fire Emblem Engage!

Best Emblem Ring pairings in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, you will need to pair Emblem Rings so that you can use them efficiently in battle. All characters will have another option that you can use together in order to make a good pairing. Note that you will need to have recruited the character before you can do so. You can unlock more playable characters simply by progressing through the game and speaking to them.

Below, we have the list of the best choices that you can get in the game for each character. To pick the best characters, you will need to have them on your team. The first choice is bolded, while the rest are the next best options!

  • Marth: Alear (F), Kagetsu
  • Siguard: Fogado, Louis
  • Celica: Lindon, Celine, Ivy
  • Micaiah: Jean
  • Roy: Alfred, Diamant
  • Leif: Jade, Alear, Zelkov 
  • Lyn: Alcryst, Kagetsu, Yunaka
  • Lucina: Lapis
  • Ike: Diamant, Jade, Louis
  • Byleth: Hortensia, Chloe, Jean
  • Corrin: Veyle, Hortensia
  • Eirika: Mauvier, Kagetsu, Merrin
  • Edelgard (DLC Emblem): Ivy, Chloe
  • Tiki (DLC Emblem): Alear (M), Jean

That was the list of the strongest Emblem Pairings for each character. Make sure to use them for the best results in battle. We hope this guide helped you make a great team! If you liked this guide, you can check out our other guides such as weapon proficiency and the best ways to farm SP.