Kickstarter Crypt Sea of Stars - how to find it Charcter running through a graveyard

Kickstarter Crypt Sea of Stars – how to find it

If you are someone who has been following the development of Sea of Stars since the beginning and has used their own hard-earned cash to support this now critically acclaimed game, then the Devs have not forgotten about you; rather, to commemorate your support, there is a special location within Sea of Stars called Kickstarter Crypt. This article will tell you how to find it.

Even as a player who wasn’t able to support Sea of Stars’ Kickstarter, you can still pay your respects to the people who did within the game and virtually thank them for making this amazing RPG possible. This Crypt will honor all the early supporters of this game.

Keep reading to find out how you can reach the Kickstarter Crypt in Sea of Stars. Once you find it, remember to pay your respects.

Kickstarter Crypt Sea of Stars Characters standing on top of glowing circles

How to find Kickstarter Crypt in Sea of Stars?

You can find Kickstarter Crypt organically as you progress through the game’s story. You will find yourself going into this location after you sail to the deserted island after you defeat the Dweller of Woe.

A special key to open the Crypt will be given to you on Settler’s Island. This is also the location of the Kickstarter Crypt. This is a place that contains special messages from all the early Kickstarter contributors.

There will be teleport pads that will lead you to the graves, and you can read their supportive messages. There are also special codes shared with The Cryptwalker to teleport characters to a particular grave. Kickstarter Contributors will have Retrieval Codes. This is a great way to celebrate those who have supported the development of this game for a long time.

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