Blasphemous 2 weapons fighting in room

Blasphemous 2 weapons – how to use them

Despite the new Blasphemous game being slightly more accessible than the original, this is still not an easy game. You will need to explore around and make use of your weapons as best as possible. So, let’s look at all you need to know about Blasphemous 2 weapons and how to use them.

The original game only had one single weapon, so there were not really many strategies you could employ. But the new one goes in a different direction, featuring three different melee weapons.

But how to use them and which one to pick? Let’s look at all you need to know about Blasphemous 2 weapons.

How to use the Blasphemous 2 weapons

In Blasphemous two, you will have three weapons at your disposal: two rapiers, a flail and a curved sword. It is not necessary to spend time on which one to choose at the beginning, as you will have to find all three of them in the game later anyway.

But each weapon does bring different powers that you will need to use to open shortcuts around the world, along with being able to bring different strategies for different bosses and enemies.

Sarmiento and Centella

The two rapier swords can be upgraded to bring shock damage to the enemies. Also, they can be used to teleport around the level, by using the mirrors that you have seen around the world. Once you possess the weapons, just approach them and press RB + X to teleport to the next mirror.

You can also jump (or evne better double jump) to the next mirror to be easily yransported around thus unlocking several secrets.

El Arugo

The main sword weapon can be upgraded to be charged up and deliver a stronger attack, which has its own meter so it doesn’t use up your magic.

The sword can also be used to open up the “people tree” doors that you might have seen around the world. In order to open these, you need to jump a consideradble height and then come down with a strong ground attack. These should open most of these, thus allowing you to go around easier.


The flail is the strongest weapon in the game, it can be upgraded to deliver a more powerful fire attack but this one uses up your mana, so be careful. Veredicto can be used to open certain doors and activate platforms, since it is the only weapon which you can use to ring the bells.

If you’ve seen some of them around, just bang on them with the flail. Now follow the waves created by the sound of the bell and you will see that it will both open doors and create new platforms (look for the bubbles).

That’s all you need to know about the Blasphemous 2 weapons. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks about the game, check out our guides on the bosses.