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Fire Emblem Engage poison status explained

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical RPG that provides a new level of excitement for gamers. The game offers a wide range of features, including its fighting system and a variety of weaponry. One of the features that make Fire Emblem Engage stand out is the poison status. In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the Fire Emblem Engage poison status.

The poison status is a common feature in the Fire Emblem franchise. In Fire Emblem Engage, units that are poisoned will take additional damage at the end of each turn.

If you want to know all about Fire Emblem Engage poison status, read on.

How Does Poison Work in Fire Emblem Engage?

The poison in Fire Emblem Engage is a unique feature available exclusively for the Knife weapon types. When using a poisoned knife, you will inflict additional damage on your opponent. Naturally, if you are hit by a poisoned knife, you will also suffer extra damage. 

What makes poison particularly challenging is that the damage continues to accumulate even after your turn ends. To indicate this passive poison damage, a purple skull icon will appear next to the health bar. By repeatedly attacking an enemy with a poisoned knife, you can further enhance the potency of the poison for additional damage in subsequent turns.

How to cure Poison in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, there are a couple of ways to treat poison if your character becomes affected. One option is to obtain antitoxins from the Item Shop for 400G. Just keep them in your inventory and use them when needed.

Another method is to use the Restore Staff, available for purchase at the Engage Item shop for 500G starting from Chapter 9. These remedies effectively eliminate the poison effect and provide a solution for your poisoned characters in the game.

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