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The Sims 4 Education career guide

If you want your Sim to acquire a lot of knowledge about various things and explore the world of academia, then the Education career in the Sims 4 is the perfect place to start. This way, your Sim will get to study for a living and impart their academic findings to other people. However, if this career sounds daunting, here’s The Sims 4 Education career guide.

Your Sim will be able to read excellent books, go to the library, and do many academic tasks that will surely impact their wisdom and intelligence. This career path is also best for players who are trying to avoid the corporate ladder and just want their Sims to be lifelong students.

In any case, The Sims 4 Education career guide will truly help your Sim out in this educational journey, so read on!

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The Ultimate Education career guide for The Sims 4

You can access this job option by easily going to the career panel menu. Keep in mind that this career path was added with the Sims 4 Discover University expansion pack. So, make sure you have high Research and Debate skills as they are very important to this career.

As you are transforming your Sim into an academic, having Economics and Psychology degree will give a significant boost to your performance and help you out a lot throughout this career. Plus, having the Genius trait will clearly keep your Sim more Focused and of course, you can also take the Academic trait. You will get the option to work from home, which is the preferred way to do this job.

The early levels start from Level 1 and you will get the job title of Substitute Teacher and goes to Level 5 wherein your Sim will become the Department Head. In most of these levels, your Sim’s daily tasks would be to Grade Homework in the Teacher’s Portfolio. The portfolio can be found in your Sim’s inventory.

These tasks are generally straightforward as long you ensure your Research, Debate, Charisma, and Logic skills are high. You can also make your Sim a tutor, as a means to gain some extra cash. When you complete Level 5, you will get to choose two specialized career branches for your Sim, Administrator, and Professor.

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Administrator Career Branch

As the name suggests for this career branch, your Sim will work on the Administrative side of the education industry and their daily tasks will be to Review Budget Proposals. Along with high Debate and Research Skills, Charisma is really important for smooth performance. Your Sim can also plan meetings and write recommendations to train their skills faster.

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Professor Career Branch

In this career branch, your Sim will get to become a Professor. Thus, your daily task would be to write scholarly papers and plan lectures. Research and Debate skills are required in this branch as well, however, instead of Charisma, you would need to now focus on increasing your Sim’s Logic Skill.

These were all of the important points you needed to know about the Education career in Sims 4. If you like what you just read, then please check out our other guides such as The Sims 4 Detective career guide and Final Fantasy 14 hunt locations.