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How long are days in Stardew Valley?

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We are all familiar with the farming simulation game and we are definitely all in love with it! But, perhaps, some might be confused by its unique time system. In this guide, we will take you through how long the Stardew Valley days are. 

In the relaxing farming RPG, the hours and days pass much more quickly than in real life. Many players have questioned how long a day in the game lasts in real life. 

Well, that’s what we’re here to answer. Let’s find out how long the Stardew Valley days are. 

Stardew Valley – how long are the days?

In the game, a day cycle lasts for 20 in-game hours, from 6 am to 2 am. A day in the farming game lasts only a few minutes in real-time, which can make the game’s time cycles appear to be complex to some players. However, the time cycles are relatively simple, and once you understand the length of one day, you’ll be able to apply that knowledge to everything you do in the game.

It’s important to note that you must be in bed by 2 am. Otherwise, your character will pass out from exhaustion and we don’t want that! You can check the time near the date and time display if you’re ever unsure of what time it is.

One hour in the game is equivalent to 43 seconds in real life. This means that a complete 20-hour day in the game lasts around 14.3 minutes in real life. However, once you include the four hours where your character must sleep, the full 24-hour day lasts for approximately 17.2 minutes.

It’s also worth noting that time management is a crucial aspect of Stardew Valley. This because certain events and tasks can only be completed at specific times during the day. As such, it’s important to plan your day carefully so that you can maximize your productivity and complete all of your objectives efficiently.

That concludes our guide on how long a day is in Stardew Valley. Looking for more guides on Stardew Valley? Here’s How to eat and How to drop items