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Two Point Campus best tips to succeed

Two Point Campus is the new take on business simulation games, similar to SimCity, Zoo Tycoon or Roller Coaster Tycoon. In the latest entry to the Two Point franchise you are responsible for the universities and schools in Two Point County. In a similar way to these types of games, money is the answer to most problems. So here are our Two Point Campus best tips to succeed.

While Two Point Campus efficiently explains many of its mechanics, there are a few systems that benefit from further explanation. There are brief tutorials throughout the campaign with each new campus introducing additional mechanics from upgrading course levels, to adding an infirmary or even helping to teach the next generation of wizards and witches.

Becoming a successful dean will require you to know the ins and outs of how to manipulate Two Point Campus’ systems. As you build your campus, different deficiencies will start to appear, as you build more lecture theaters, you may not have enough beds for everyone, for example. All of these challenges will be compounded by the fact that your ability to fix these issues is ultimately limited by money. Here are our Two Point Campus best tips to succeed.

Two Point Campus best tips to succeed

Create a Lecture Theater

The Lectern can be upgraded to affect your class’s ability to learn the material. This will indirectly affect the cash flow of your university as there is a bonus to your monthly profit based off of earned XP.  At level 2 you receive a 25% learning bonus, further upgradeable to level 3 (50% bonus). You can also spend 75 kudosh to unlock the autocue for 4% learning power.

Control Thirst and Hunger

Thirst and hunger can be controlled in a couple of different ways. Vending machines can be placed throughout the campus, but also different food/drink stands can be placed.

There is no way to limit your janitors from refilling the vending machines until they are empty, so it would be most efficient to use mostly kiosks and to limit your vending machines. The main benefit is that vending machines can be placed in almost any room, i.e., a staff or student lounge, while kiosks can only be placed in exterior or corridor locations.

Additional Tips

If you played Two Point Hospital, you might remember there was a trick to quickly increase the room’s prestige by simply placing the Gold Award on every available space on the wall. Unfortunately, Two Point Studios has ‘removed’ this trick by making the students smarter. Campus residents no longer want 20 copies of the same decoration and placing more than one of each decoration will greatly reduce the increase to the Room Prestige. When placing decorations try to vary the style, type and bonus to keep the Room Prestige increase.

Keep in mind that in the campaign, each level is a different campus in the same county. This means your research progress will carry over. When starting a new level, if you previously researched Lectern Level II or Level III, you can immediately upgrade the new Lecture Hall to include that for a boost to learning from the start.

That’s all the best tips we have for you, for the moment. Be sure to check out our other guides on how to make money in New World and the best tips for Factorio.