Two Point Campus tips to make money giant pizza

Two Point Campus tips to make money

Have you been having trouble keeping your campus in shape? Oh we definitely understand the problem. As much as it sounds fun managing a sort of Harry Potter-like academy with magic and little young wizards to train, it can get out of hand pretty fast. But everything can be fixed with money, right? So here’s our Two Point Campus tips to make money.

As with life, most problems you might be having in the game can be indeed fixed with the right amount of kudosh. Okay, that’s not really true for real life, but bear with us here. Having a steady amount of cash will definitely help you to focus on the most urgent problems, while not having to worry about going bankrupt.

So, here are our best tips on how to make money in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus tips to make money

Rent Income

One of the systems that the game glosses over is the tuition or rent income. Unlike other simulation games where you earn money for providing a service, students will pay a monthly fee, based on their living situation and classes. The game does not provide a tutorial on this, but the paid rent can be seen when clicking on the room info. The rent will show annually, but it is paid per month. 

For example, a room with 3 beds will sleep 15 students. If there are 10 residents in that dormitory (prestige 2) then you will annually earn $12,740. The same room with a prestige level 3 and 10 residents will earn you $15,800. 


When creating your dormitories, place as many beds as possible while keeping your accommodation level high. One bed will serve 5 students, so do not go overboard, as you can use the wasted space to place a sitting area, desks, wardrobes, etc. Students will not have requirements such as Male Only/Female Only/Co-Ed dormitories, so you can set that to your liking, just be sure if you set one room to Female Only that you also have a Male Only dormitory. 

Tuition Fees

Each course has a fee which can be modified in the settings menu. Clearly, the higher a fee, the lower the number of potential applicants you will get. Different kinds of courses will attract a higher number of interested applicants, so be sure to also diversify. Finally, remember to always level up courses at the end of the year in order to attract more students.

XP Points

At the closing of every month, we will receive a report breaking down everything source of profit. Most likely, XP will be your second one and it entirely depends on the success of your courses, so the amount will calculate how many graduated, how many dropouts and their grades as well. Try to keep a balance between those to keep the monthly XP bonus coming in.

These are our best tips to make money in Two Point Campus, do check out our other guides on the best tips to be successful at the game and, while you’re at it, take a breather and try a game in Vampire Survivors why don’t you?