Best Way to make money in New World

The best way to make money in New World explained

Are you already way deep into playing New World? Then probably you’ve already found out that earning money is not easy, much like real life one could say. Perhaps it comes as no surprise, but since you’re not allowed to sell freely items, but only trade them with other players, the main way to gather some sweet moolah is to playing the market as much as possible. This is why the best way to make money in New World is something you’re probably wondering about.

So you’ll have to be on the constant lookout for things that upset the balance of the market, so that you’ll be among the firsts to sweep in and make a good profit. Since everyone is also out there to get rich (and quick), it might not be easy at first to get down the overall idea and market balance, but just try to remain up to date.

To help you, we have gathered a few tips to try and help you get rich in as little time as possible. There’s no guarantee that these will always work, since again the best tip is to stay ahead of the market, but here is the best way to make money in New World, including what we’ve found to help you get started.

The best way to make money in New World

The best way to make money in New World is with one of the following methods:

  • Selling herbs – while herbs are a common resource all across Aeternum, there are some particular species which will only grow in specific parts of the world. So, be on the lookout for herbs which all players might need (like Garlic, Bulrush Cobs or Briar Buds which are all used in common potions) and, in time you’ll learn which ones to keep an eye out for.
  • Selling mining materials – this is easier said than done, as it involves putting in the actual work to mine the materials that people look out for, but if you’re willing then it will definitely pay off in the long run becausemany players would rather spend money than their time hammering stones to death.
  • Crafting bags – selling bags to new players is always a good way to start off making money and it definitely works for many MMORPGs. No one wants to become overencumbered while out farming for items and resources, right? Help those poor players prevent that issue with your very own bags, at a convenient price. (or, otherwise, look out for Runes of Holding!)
  • Complete quests and sidemissions – this one is pretty easy. Just follow along the main story and try to complete everything that the game throws at you and it’s surefire way to get some of that sweet moolah. Also, keep an eye out for Town Projects, which grant good rewards for not so much work.
  • Invest early on in the Fishing skill – it might perhaps sound a little strange as a tip, but fishes grant some pretty good materials, along with fillets, you might get fish oil which is always in good demand on the market. Generally, also don’t forget that selling animal skins is also a source of good money.

These are the best ways we found to make money in New World at the moment, but do always try to keep an eye out for items and resoucres that other players might need to sell at Trading posts, your very own gaming experience might also guide you in that regard.

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