Fae Farm shipping contracts not working – how to fix

Fae Farm shipping contracts not working - how to fix Character walking into a crowded tavern

Fae Farm is one of the newer farming sim releases. With a detailed fantasy world filled with cozy colors and interesting quests, you will feel refreshed and chilled out playing this game. However, as the devs are still working on improving this game from all fronts, you will also encounter frustrating bugs. One of the bugs affects how the shipping contracts function in the game. This article will highlight the shipping contracts bug in Fae Farm and attempt to give you a solution.

Being a recent release, it is obvious that the game will not be free of bugs and glitches. There is a pretty big world players can explore, and some of these bugs hide themselves in plain sight. Thus, the developers may miss out on them during the development process. But that’s why having an active community that can point out these flaws is pretty important.

Keep reading to find out how you can fix the shipping contracts bug in Fae Farm.

Fae Farm shipping contracts not working - how to fix Character walking near the docks

How to fix the shipping contract bug in Fae Farm?

Currently, the developers of Fae Farms are aware of this bug and are actively trying to fix it. Unfortunately, right now, there is no direct solution to this problem. However, the best way to find more information and insight into this issue would be to check out the Fae Farm subreddit and inquire about this problem on their official Discord server.

Many players have already notified the devs about this bug, and they have explained to several players that it is actually a visual bug. Shipping Contracts are meant to be an accessible and easy way to earn money in the game.

Players can basically take on a Shipping Contract and exchange their resources for money. There is a 14-day time limit as well. But this bug stops players from starting a Shipping Contract.

So, alternatively, you can either wait for a while before taking on a contract. Hopefully, by then, devs will be able to patch this infuriating bug.

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