Lethal Company Radar Booster Flash - placing a radar booster on the floor.

Lethal Company Radar Booster flash explained

This guide will go through how to use the new Radar Booster flash feature in Lethal Company, which is a great way to stun creatures. The Radar Booster is an overall useful item and the new flash command gives it a great buff. With this new feature, it’s one of the best gadgets in the game. However, it’s not easy to use and requires coordination. Let’s go through everything you need to know about this item, including how to get it, how to use its older features, and how to make the most out of the new flash command.

Lethal Company Radar Booster Flash - type 'flash x' on the Terminal to use the Radar Booster flash command.

How to get and use the Radar Booster

You can purchase the Radar Booster from the shop in Lethal Company, and it costs 50 credits. Its main feature, until recently, was to work as a camera and noise trap. Specifically, you can place it anywhere on the map. Just drop it (similar to scrap) and then interact with it from the Terminal.

It can be used as a camera since you can switch the player cam from the monitor to show the Radar Booster. Additionally, if you type “ping x” on the Terminal (where x=the name of the Radar Booster as seen from the camera screen), the Radar Booster will say “Hello”. This works as a noise trap to either guide your teammates to a specific location or take the aggro from enemies like Blind Dogs while your teammates go around them.

However, with the latest update, the Radar Booster also includes a new flash feature. Let’s see how it works.

How does the Radar Booster flash work in Lethal Company?

You can use the Radar Booster flash feature in Lethal Company by typing “flash x” on the Terminal. Similar to before, x has to be replaced with the name of the Radar, as seen on the Terminal camera. The flash command will cause the Radar Booster to trigger a strong flash to any nearby enemies and allies. This will blind and stun enemies hit, but also blind and deafen allies.

The flash command has a short cooldown and infinite uses. Additionally, it’s very versatile, as you can place the Radar Booster anywhere on the map. Due to that, it’s an extremely useful tool if used right. One of my favorite strategies involves giving the Radar Booster to a Loot Bug. It will take it back to its nest. Then, you can use the flash command and blind all nearby Loot Bugs, thus giving you the opportunity to steal their loot easily. Alternatively, you can use it to stun enemies like Coil-Heads.

To wrap up this guide, the Radar Booster flash in Lethal Company is a new command that causes the Radar Booster gadget to stun and blind all nearby enemies and allies. This can help your teammates make a quick escape or be used to raid the nest of Loot Bugs. Since it has infinite uses and a short cooldown, this item can be extremely useful in the right hands. For more content on the latest update, here’s how to deal with the Nutcracker and how to use the Signal Translator in Lethal Company.

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