Lethal Company Nutcracker - standing next to the new Nutcracker enemy.

Lethal Company Nutcracker – how to deal with it

This guide will go through how to deal with the Nutcracker enemy in Lethal Company to help you defeat this new threat. Overall, the Nutcracker is one of the most dangerous enemies in the game, as it can one-shot you. On the bright side, you can hear it from afar, and there is a way to kill it. To make things even better, it’s the only creature in the game that gives you a reward for killing it. Let’s go through everything you need to know about it.

Lethal Company Nutcracker - new Nutcracker enemy aiming at the player.

Nutcracker explained & where to find it

The Nutcracker is the latest creature addition in Lethal Company alongside the Masked enemy. It’s a Nutcracker figurine that carries a shotgun and can be heard from afar. If players get close, it will shoot with the Shotgun, which can one-shot you. As a result, the Nutcracker is extremely dangerous and should be approached with caution.

This enemy spawns commonly in higher-difficulty moons like Rend, Dine, and Titan. Even then, it’s not the most common enemy you’ll find. While your instinct may tell you to run once you hear or see it, there’s actually a reason to take it down. If you defeat a Nutcracker, you will be able to get their Shotgun weapon. Then, you can use it on other creatures.

How to deal with the Nutcracker in Lethal Company

The best way to take down the Nutcracker in Lethal Company is by having a teammate stun it with a Stun Gun while another player hits it with the Shovel/Stop Sign. It will take four hits to defeat and should be easy as long as it’s stunned.

If you don’t have a Stun Gun, I highly recommend avoiding the Nutcracker. Its shotgun is extremely dangerous and will one-shot you if you get close. Unless you’re really confident in your skills and maneuvers, stay away from this creature unless it’s stunned.

After defeating it, you can loot the Shotgun from its hands and take the extra ammo from the ground. As for which enemies you can kill with this new weapon, check out our Lethal Company Shotgun guide for more details.

In conclusion, the Nutcracker is a new creature in Lethal Company that can be found in higher-difficulty moons and carries the new Shotgun weapon. You can beat it if you have a friend to stun it with the Stun Gun. Upon defeating it, you’ll get the new Shotgun weapon, which you can use to kill other creatures. For more content on the latest update, here’s what to do with the Mask item in Lethal Company.

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