Lasser cutter in Starfield

Starfield laser cutter – how to get and use

In Starfield, equipped with various tools and weapons, the laser cutter stands out as essential and versatile equipment. You’ll need it to complete quests and exploring the game. This guide will provide you with comprehensive information on how to obtain and effectively use the Laser Cutter in Starfield, ensuring that you make the most of this valuable resource.

With the laser cutter in your arsenal, you possess a powerful tool capable of mining resources, breaking down obstacles, and aiding in quest completion within the game.

Read on to find out how to get and use Laser Cutter in Starfield. Let’s go.

Where to find the Laser Cutter in Starfield

The Laser Cutter, a vital tool for breaking down items and overcoming obstacles. It can be obtained through various means within the game. While exploring the galaxy extensively is not necessary to acquire the laser cutter. But, it is essential to know where to look. Here’s how you can find that: 

  • Purchase from Vendors: You can purchase the Laser Cutter from vendors, particularly the one located in Jemison. This vendor offers a wide range of weapons, including the laser cutter, at an affordable price of 465 credits.
  • Loot from Enemies: In your journey through the game, you may come across enemies who carry the laser cutter. Engaging in combat with these enemies presents an opportunity to loot the laser cutter from their defeated bodies. Keep an eye out for these encounters to obtain the laser cutter without spending any credits.
  • Discover in Mines: Exploring mines can lead you to stumble upon hidden laser cutters. These valuable tools are often strategically placed near quest objectives, so be sure to thoroughly explore mines to increase your chances of finding a laser cutter.

How to use the Laser Cutter in Starfield

The laser cutter serves several essential functions within the game, expanding your capabilities and enhancing your gameplay experience.

  • Mining Resources: The laser cutter’s primary function is to mine valuable resources scattered throughout the game. By aiming and firing the laser cutter at resource-rich elements, you can efficiently extract and collect these valuable materials.
  • Breaking Down Obstacles: You can use the laser cutter’s powerful beam to break down barriers. Also, any walls that impede your progress. When faced with breakable walls or obstacles, simply direct the laser cutter toward them and watch as they crumble before you.
  • Quest Objectives: It often plays a crucial role in completing specific quests within Starfield. Pay close attention to quest objectives, as they may require the use of the laser cutter to overcome challenges and progress further in the game.

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