When did New World release?

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New World was quite the popular MMORPG back in 2021 and its popularity seem to continue in 2022. Amazon Games had been working on some time on it, with the Orange County team first announcing it all the way back in 2016 TwitchCon. But then, the game seemed to be stuck in development hell, with news about it only resurfacing in 2021. Still, it came out eventually, so when did New World release and how long has it been out?

Its original beta launch was definitely marred by some problems, with users with high-end graphic cards like Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 claiming they ended up being bricked while running the game. Apparently, the lack of an FPS limiter in the game did damage those PCs that were actually too powerful to run the game.

But now, the MMORPG has been out for a while and it can be played and enjoyed by many gamers all across the world, who can decide to work together or against each other while trying to thrive in the new continent of Aeternum Island. When did New World release? Read on below to find out.

When did New World release?

New World was released globally on PC on September 28, 2021. The game’s launch ended up being quite a success, with Steam registering over 700.000 global users at the same time. This also led to the servers being unable to respond to everyone in time, with several players experiencing some notable slowdowns.

Since then, Amazon has been working hard on providing a smooth gaming experience and the game has surely been improved In 2021, the game was often among the top played MMORPGs on Steam.

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