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Stranded Alien Dawn cloth – how to get it

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In Stranded: Alien Dawn, you are tasked with leading a group of survivors who are stranded on an unfamiliar planet. Your role is to help them survive in this new and harsh environment. In this guide, we will take you through how to get that coveted Stranded Alien Dawn cloth.

Cloth is a valuable resource that is needed in order to create clothing for your colonists. In addition to creating clothing, Cloth can also be used to make other useful items. However, before you can create clothing or other items, you will need to unlock Tailoring from the tech tree.

Let’s find out how you can get Stranded Alien Dawn cloth!

How to get cloth in Stranded Alien Dawn 

To get cloth, you will need to find white flowers called Clothblossoms. These flowers are easy to spot because of their distinct color. Once you have found them, you will need to assign workers to collect them. Each Clothblossom flower will give you 10 pieces of cloth.

To ensure a steady supply of this precious resource, we recommend creating a Clothblossom farm. To do this, you will need to level up a worker and character to become a Level 3 Farmer. Assign a couple of workers to the farm and you will have cloth for days.

Another way to obtain cloth is by converting hay into hay cloth. This is a more efficient method because of the temperature tolerances of blade grass and also the difference in plant output. To convert 10 hay into 10 cloth, you will need to research this specific resource.

Remember to assign workers to the Clothblossom farm to ensure a steady supply of this valuable resource! Why not check out a new game with our guides on Aura sphere Pokemon GO explained and Vampire Survivors Stone Mask location?