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How to farm metal scrap in Enshrouded

In the early game in Enshrouded, there is one thing that is important: getting metal. And we don’t mean in the Iron Maiden sense of the word. Indeed, you’ll have to know how to farm metal scrap in Enshrouded fast and we have all the tips and tricks for you.

If you are just starting out, you might also want to know our best tips and tricks to get you settled in the game fast and without issues.

But if you want to know all about metal scraps in Enshrouded, keep reading because we have the information for you.

Where to get metal scraps in Enshrouded

If you’re looking to gather metal scrap in Enshrouded, there are two main methods: destroying items in the environment and killing scavengers. For example, see the little pots scattered around? Smash them, and they might drop some metal scraps. Similarly, larger packages, which typically drop linen and hide, also have a chance to contain some metal scraps. Best method to destroy those? An axe.

Objects in the environment that have metal on them, such as barrels or containers, also have a chance of dropping metal scraps when destroyed. Generally, always keep an eye out for these objects as you explore the game world.

How to farm metal scraps from bandits

But the best way to gather metal scrap is by killing enemy Bandits. These scavengers drop metal scrap when defeated. But where is the best location to do so? Find Braelyn bridge, just to the left of it, you’ll find Rookmore, which is the ideal farming location for metal scrap.

Upon reaching Rookmore, you will meet several scavengers, just defeat them and collect metal scraps. It’s advisable to use sneak attacks or powerful weapons to dispatch them quickly. Loot the defeated scavengers to gather metal scraps and also animal fur, which can also be useful.

As you explore Rookmore, don’t forget to search for treasure chests, barrels, pots, and other objects that may contain metal scraps. There are also hidden areas and underground sections where you can find additional metal scrap. Take advantage of these opportunities to maximize your metal scrap collection.

How to reset the farming location

But what if you’ve exhausted all the metal scrap at Rookmore and you need more? Well, we have a nice method for you, just reset the location.

To reset the farming location, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Escape key to access the main menu.
  2. Click “Return to Main Menu.”
  3. Select “Play” and then choose “Private Server.”
  4. Return to your world and you’ll respawn at your base.
  5. Head back to the mountain and jump off, gliding back to the Bandits Camp.
  6. Run back to Rookmore, all the Bandits will have respawned.
  7. Gather up some scrap again.

By repeating this process, you can continuously farm metal scrap from Rook Moore and make progress in Enshrouded.

Upgrade Your Equipment with Metal Scrap

Now that you have gathered a significant amount of metal scrap, you can utilize it to upgrade your equipment. In Enshrouded, you can combine metal scraps with charcoal in the blacksmith’s forge and produce several metal sheets. These can then be used to upgrade your armor set and weapons, enhancing your capabilities in the game.

That’s all we have for you on how to quickly farm metal scrap in Enshrouded. For more tips and tricks on other games, check out Skull and Bones beginner’s guide.