Ring of Omens Remnant 2 - how to get it Character looking really sad

Ring of Omens Remnant 2 – how to get it

Rings are an important class of items in Remnant 2. They are essential for any type of build you are trying to make. They provide heavy buffs that will affect your play style. And because of their usefulness, the game has made them kind of hard to get sometimes. One of these Rings is the Ring of Omens in Remnant 2 and here’s how you can get it.

This Ring gives you a variety of abilities, so you will need to put in some effort. After finding its location, you even have to solve a puzzle to get it. Puzzles in Remnant 2 can get very frustrating as many times they are pretty abstract.

So, keep reading and find out how you can get the Ring of Omens in Remnant 2, and hopefully, you find it pretty smoothly and won’t encounter any major problems.

Ring of Omens Remnant 2 - how to get it Character pulling a lever

Where is the Ring of Omens in Remnant 2?

To find the Ring of Omens, you need to travel to the Cathedral of Omens at Yaesha. But that’s not all, as you have to solve a particular Blood Moon puzzle there. So, the first requirement is to visit this cathedral during a Blood Moon. Just keep fast traveling in and out of this area, until the weather changes into the one that you need. Now, you need to solve the actual puzzle.

Interact with the lever in front of the checkpoint, then interact with the lever in front of the Blood Moon door four times. This will open up the door on the right, go inside of it and you will find a red trap door. Go through this door and you will find the Ring of Omen.

How to solve the Ring of Omens puzzle

This trap door only appears during a Blood Moon, so keep this in mind. The Ring of Omens when equipped makes evades more powerful by converting 15% of maximum health into grey health instead of costing stamina.

Moreover, you can unlock a special evade called Misty Step evade, when you wear this Ring with the Full Moon Circlet, the Necklace of Flowing Life, Death’s Embrace, the Talisman of the Sun, the Red Doe Sigil, and Ravager’s Mark.

These were all of the important things you need to know about finding the Ring of Omens. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other guides such as Is Tower of Fantasy free on PS4? and Remnant 2 Devoured Loop location – how to get it.