New Cycle iron research - basic mine collecting iron.

New Cycle Iron research – how to unlock

Are you trying to unlock Iron and the Cycle 2 research in New Cycle but can’t figure out how? Let’s go through what you need to know. After starting out and completing all the Cycle 1 options, you’ll want to progress to Cycle 2 and unlock iron ore. However, every research in the New Iron Age tab will be grayed out and there’s no obvious way on how to unlock it. Thankfully, the solution is straightforward, and here is what you need to know.

New Cycle iron research - tier 2 research tree.

How to unlock Iron research in New Cycle

To unlock the research for Iron and all other Cycle 2 options, you’ll need to gain 700 Knowledge and also increase your population to 40. You can see these requirements by accessing the Main Hall in the Cycle Progress tab on top.

Gaining knowledge is fairly easy since all you need is to wait. The more people you have in your city, the more knowledge you’ll produce every week. Also, for the Cycle 2 research, you’ll have the required knowledge almost instantly. The only challenging part will be increasing your population to 40. To do that, you’ll need to wait until new travelers visit your city and make sure to accept them. This might take a few in-game weeks, so focus on increasing your stockpile of materials. If you don’t have enough space, here’s how to increase storage in New Cycle.

To summarize, you can unlock the Iron research in New Cycle by collecting 700 pieces of knowledge and raising your maximum population to at least 40. You collect knowledge automatically based on how many citizens you have. As for population, you have to wait until wandering people pass by your village and request to join you. And that’s all! Before leaving, if you’d like to try a different game, here are the best tips and tricks in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

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