Best tips and tricks in New Cycle - city overview with full production.

New Cycle tips and tricks – beginners guide

This list will go through the best tips and tricks in The Cycle to help you get started and avoid missing any crucial game mechanics. Overall, The Cycle includes a high level of detail and complexity that can make the game feel overwhelming for new players. If you’re going in blind, it’s easy to miss a lot of stuff and end up failing the campaign and having to start over. While this is part of the process, it can also feel frustrating. To help you avoid that, here are the best tips and tricks in New Cycle.

New Cycle tips and tricks - building stockpiles by the sea.

Always accept immigrants

Throughout your gameplay, immigrants will pass by your city and ask to join you. It would be best if you always accepted them since that’s the only way to increase your population. You’ll be able to use them immediately as workers to increase your production of any material you’re lacking.

Stockpile food and water

You won’t consume much food and water during the early game, where your population is low. Regardless, it’s vital to ramp up the production of both and stockpile as much extra as possible since you’ll need it later. Once your population increases, you’ll need way more food and water. When this happens, the extra resources you have stockpiled will come in handy. If you don’t have space, here’s how to increase storage in New Cycle.

Don’t rush research

After Cycle 3, you’ll unlock multiple cycles almost at the same time and will have a wide variety of options to research. However, I recommend taking it slow; don’t research everything that you can immediately. Instead, research one thing, construct the buildings it unlocks, and start farming the new resources before moving to a new research. Otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed by all the new buildings.

New Cycle tips and tricks - building windmills to generate power.

Listen to your citizens’ concerns

While playing the game, citizens will come to you with various concerns. Always hear them out through the notifications on the left and consider their proposals. In most cases, they offer great suggestions with few or no setbacks. Of course, sometimes you should say no since their proposals aren’t efficient or sustainable, but in most cases, they will bring great ideas to the table.

Spread out your city

While you may feel like you should build everything close together, there’s no reason to do that. After all, you’ll need to construct certain buildings far away, like wells and gathering shacks, so I recommend spreading out and expanding your entire city early on. This way, you’ll have streets and buildings all across the map.

Always build roads

While roads may seem optional and buildings will operate without them, I highly recommend building them as soon as you can. Buildings connected with your main hall via road will have increased production. Roads are extremely cheap, so why miss out on the extra materials?

Accept most requests & side quests

If you’re in the campaign mode, scenarios will occur, and passing travelers will come to you with requests and side quests. These are usually in the form where you should give them materials to help them survive.

You should accept most of them (as long as you can spare the materials) since they will offer helpful rewards later on, like increasing your population or returning the favor and gifting you materials.

Check resource shacks often

It’s important to check your resource shacks often since resources get depleted, and your workers might be sitting idle. These include wood and stone gathering shacks, as well as food-gathering ones. Especially in the early game, where you’ll need all hands on deck, it’s important not to have workers staying idle.

To wrap this up, these are the best tips and tricks in New Cycle to help you get started and progress through the game. With these, you won’t have to worry about missing anything important. Additionally, they’ll make the process of progressing significantly smoother as you won’t have to deal with as many issues. Of course, there will still be issues that you’ll need to fix, and that’s the main point of the game, but at least you’ll be comfortable with the core mechanics. For more similar content, here’s how to research and unlock Iron in New Cycle.

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