Marvel Contest of Champions prestige list the five champions

Marvel Contest of Champions prestige list

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Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting video game that takes place in the Marvel Universe. In this guide, we will take you through the Marvel Contest of Champions prestige list and how to check it.

The game was developed and published by Kabam in 2014. In Marvel Contest of Champions, players have to battle against other players to determine who is the strongest.

Let’s find out how to check the Marvel Contest of Champions prestige list!

How to check the prestige list in Marvel Contest of Champions 

One of the important aspects of the game is Prestige, determined by the average base hero rating of your 5 most powerful champions, and it is accessible on your Summoner Profile page in-game. To find out which champions have the most Prestige, visit They have a list and calculator to help you test out changes to your roster. You can check your champions’ Prestige by resetting your Masteries in the game. However, it is not worth the expenses.

It is crucial to note that your mastery setup does not impact your Prestige, and the champion rating numbers you see are the Hero Ratings with your current mastery setup. They are not the champion’s Prestige.

Prestige is important for getting a higher placement in Alliance Quest. The Alliance’s Prestige, which is the average Prestige of all the members, affects the starting difficulty of the Alliance Quest map. Basically, the higher the Alliance’s Prestige, the more points you can earn. At the highest level of Alliance Quest, Alliances are running the hardest map and modifiers, and can 100% all Battle Groups. At this level, Prestige is the deciding factor in final placement.

Low Prestige will bar you from higher-level Alliance Quest play and impact your ability to earn important rank-up resources. Therefore, it is essential to focus on increasing your Prestige to progress further in the game and reach higher levels of play.

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