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Chained Echoes tech points explained

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Chained Echoes is a JRPG, featuring the classic turn-based combat found in many other RPGs. Players must carefully consider their moves when fighting monsters. In this guide, we will take you through what Chained Echoes tech points are.

Every move costs Tech Points, which means that you need to carefully manage these points. Additionally, players must keep an eye on the Overdrive meter to gauge how much damage they can inflict and receive. 

Keep reading to find out what Chained Echoes tech points mean in the game!

What are Tech Points (TP) in Chained Echoes?

Tech Points is a system used to determine how much Magic can be used in a battle. Each move costs a different amount of TP, which is displayed next to the move. Each character has their own TP meter, which appears next to their HP bar. Every move used reduces the TP bar.

Players should pay close attention to the Overdrive meter in the top left. This will basically tell you how much damage each move will deal. If the meter is in the Red zone (Overheat), 100% damage will be dealt, but the character will also receive 25% more damage from enemy moves. Staying in the Yellow and Green zones will reduce damage taken by 15%. In the Green zone, TP costs are also halved, allowing players to use Attack and Skill moves more often.

You can use some Skills to replenish TP during battle for specific characters. However, all moves will use TP. Strategies to remain in the Green zone include swapping characters mid-fight, using Ultra Moves at the right time, and utilizing the Defend mechanic.

You don’t need to manage TP outside of battle, as it will replenish itself after each one. The Gear used in battle affects TP availability, as Gear 0 allows characters to replenish TP in battle. However, you should avoid it as it prevents the use of Skills such as resetting the Overdrive meter, healing, paralyzing, and inflicting sleep.

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