Chained Echoes A Little Vacation - how to find and complete

Chained Echoes A Little Vacation – How to Find and Complete

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JPRG Chained Echoes is a turn-based game released on the 8th of December, 2022. Created by Matthias Linda, the game has been available for platforms such as PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/Switch for over a month now. In this guide, we will show you how to find and complete A Little Vacation in Chained Echoes.

The game has a lot of different quests that you can complete, which include main quests and side quests. As you finish these missions, you will be able to progress through the story and, well, also gain some useful items..

So, if you need a little help with finding A Little Vacation in Chained Echoes, that’s what this guide is about.

How to Find and Complete A Little Vacation in Chained Echoes  

To begin A Little Vacation, you will need to enter the Rohlan Fields. North of Basil, you will find a scarecrow that begins a conversation with the characters. Make your way southwest through Basil, and you will find a carrot. On approaching the curious carrot, it begins to run – and you need to chase it.

How to Defeat Shashlik in Chained Echoes

The errant carrot will lead you through the town and towards the scarecrow. A fight will break out among the vegetables in the fields, which is easily beaten. Defeat the combination of five vegetables, Shashlik, who is weak to fire. Use Glenn’s Ultra Move to weaken their offense, and Kylian’s Aim Leg to slow them down. The fire attacks might cause Overheat, so you’ll need to be careful. After defeating the monster, you will find a weapon for Lenne near the scarecrow. 

The next part of this quest takes place in New Wyrnshire. You will need to travel there by Airship. There’s an orange lizardman merchant on the second street from the bottom in the northern part of the town. Speak to him and confront the carrot again. You’ll need to use the Airship again to travel to the west of New Wyrnshire, where the carrot will lead you to a farmhouse.

How to Defeat Fridolyn in Chained Echoes

At this location, you will need to fight Fridolyn, the drunken pig farmer. He doesn’t have any strengths of weaknesses, and does have a lot of health points. If you’re at a high enough level, you can win the fight, but it will take a while. Make sure to heal whenever needed. Once he’s down, you’ll get a Grimoire Shard and a Soul of Farnese.

The Airship will direct you to a small island to the south of the farm, where you’ll find Fridolyn again, just chilling. Take the Rusty Anchor on the western beach there before you leave via Airship. That’s it, quest complete, you will get 1,000 money and 25 SP as rewards. If you’d like to check out our other quest guides, here’s A Goblin’s Dilemma Chained Echoes and Two Winged Angel.