Chained Echoes Crystal Farming - The Best Spots

Chained Echoes Crystal Farming – The Best Spots

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JRPG Chained Echoes is a turn-based role playing game where you will fight monsters, and you need to be good and levelled up for the battle! Do not fret, crystals can help with that. In this guide, we will show you the best spots for Crystal Farming in Chained Echoes.

Players will be able to explore the kingdoms with their party of characters and find various items, including Crystals. You will need these to progress through the game, as they are used to upgrade weapons.

Finding these Crystals can be tiresome, and you might need a little help. If you are looking for the best spots for Crystal Farming, we have just the guide for you. 

Best Spots for Farming Crystal in Chained Echoes

To upgrade your weapons and armor, you will need to farm Crystals. They are scattered across all three kingdoms, where you can pick them up. After you have picked up Crystals, you will be able to fuse them together to change their stats. They might have different abilities, which you can use to help your clan progress through the story.

Crystals will respawn on their own, which means they can be farmed easily. You will just need to know the locations for them. Before we tell you the best spots where you can get these Crystals, you will need to obtain the Airship. This is essential for getting around the map quickly, as it unlocks the ability to fast-travel. It’s also a good idea to unlock the Sky Armor as well.

Now that you have the Airship and the Sky Armor, let’s take a look at the best spots for farming crystal in Chained Echoes.

Isle of Messages

It is on the northwest of the map, and you can get here only by Airship. Start from the southern entrance and make a counterclockwise sweep to collect all the Crystals.


You can use the Transport Crystal to fast-travel to the west of Fiorwoods. Otherwise, you need to fight two dragons. Get to the wooden platforms and collect six Crystals. 

Ograne Grotto

Use the Transport Crystal to teleport inside the caves of Ograne Grotto, or fast-travel to Rohlan Fields first. You can use the Sky Armor to travel to the northern entrance of Farnsport, and travel left until you see Waterfalls. There is an entrance to the Ograne Grotto on the right Waterfall, where you will be able to collect some crystals.

Keep in mind that crystals will respawn every half an hour, so you will be able to return to these spots to collect them again. With the help of the Transport Crystals, you can achieve this even quicker. If you need more help with Chained Echoes, check out our full walkthrough which includes guides such as how to find and beat the Hana Doll.