Remnant 2 Archers Crest location - how to get the ring Characters staring at a monster off-screen

Remnant 2 Archers Crest location – how to get the ring

Equipping certain Rings will give you a significant stat boost. Especially, if you are doing a higher-difficulty run of Remnant 2. Due to this, understanding where each of the Rings can be found will give a major headstart. Many of these Rings are generally easy to find but some of the useful ones are hard to get. Sometimes you will have to eliminate certain enemies and sometimes solve some puzzles to find them. So to make this entire process a little easier, here’s the Remnant 2 Archers Crest location.

You can miss out on this Ring if you are not looking in the right place. Thus, understanding the layout of the map and exploring certain rooms becomes really important if you want this Ring fast and easy.

So, keep on reading and find out about the Remnant 2 Archers Crest location. Then, you can enjoy all of its buffs and create the perfect healer build.

Remnant 2 Archers Crest location - how to get the ring Character opening a treasure chest

Where is the Archer’s Crest in Remnant 2?

The chest can be found in Endaira’s End, in Yaesha. But naturally, you’ll have to solve a little puzzle with a flooded room to get it.

Follow the steps below:

  • Travel to Endaira’s End in Yaesha.
  • Find a flooded room with water constantly flowing into it.
  • Look for a walled doorway.
  • Come close to it and leap up over into a hallway.
  • This hallway will lead to a staircase and head down.
  • Defeat the two elite enemies.
  • Open up the treasure chest at the end of the room.
  • You will find the Archer’s Crest inside of it.

The Archer’s Crest Ring will increase projectile speed by 20% and also decrease the weapon charge time by 25%, making it the perfect Ring to wear if you working to create a Support Healer Build. Furthermore, if you use a bow as your primary weapon then this ring will truly improve your steadiness and accuracy.

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