Voidtrain add wagon – how to get and attach more carriages

Voidtrain add wagon - how to get attach more carriages - boxes on the ground

Are you ready to go on a railway trip through the Void? Well, there might be better places to travel to, but in this case that’s our final destination. Who are you bringing with you? Well it all depends on your ability to use the Voidtrain add wagon feature.

The game is packed with crafting and shootouts to keep you entertained. By adding more wagons to your train, you can increase the amount of storage space available for your chests, contraptions, and other useful items.

To add wagons to your train, there are a few requirements that you need to meet. Keep reading to find out how to Voidtrain add wagon.

How to add wagon in Voidtrain

Firstly, you need to find a plot item that looks like a combined Spring and Bearing. This item is necessary to add a Wagon to your train. You can unlock it after you have progressed through the game story and gone through at least 4 gates. To use the item, you need to go to a depot, clear any enemies, and use the Building Console. From there, you can choose the “Add Wagon” button that will allow you to enlarge your train.

It’s important to note that having a longer first wagon is generally a good idea because it will allow you to add engines later on. Additionally, the maximum length of your train is dependent on the type of drive that you have. When starting, your platform capacity is only 6 with the Trolley Handle installed. However, you can increase your train’s maximum length by adding more advanced technology, allowing it to reach a maximum length of 12.

In summary, adding wagons to your train is a great way to increase your train’s capacity and enjoy a more epic journey through the Void. We hope that this guide helped you to attach more carriages and add wagon in Voidtrain. Why not check out a new game with our guides on My Time at Sandrock release date and Honkai Star Rail ministry of education quiz answers?