the big con mallton code two characters chilling in the mall

The Big Con Mallton code – what is it?

Pulling off a successful con means knowing all about getting to certain places and accessing items by using codes. But hey, no one is born a thief, right? Perhaps you are just confused as to what to do, but no worries, as we’re here to tell you The Big Con’s Mallton code to open the suitcase.

There are plenty of suitcases in this game and players can choose to open them, maybe even stealing what’s inside. Did we say maybe? We meant “of course”. With so many to choose from and a ton of codes to memorize, it can be difficult to keep track of everything.

So we are here to provide you with a bit of help, keep reading to find out all about The Big Con’s Mallton code for the suitcase and what it leads to.

What is The Big Con Mallton code for the suitcase?

Alright you thieves, settle down. Let’s get straight to the point, the suitcase code in Mallton is 629 so you are ready to open it immediately. This way, players won’t have to look all over the place just to get a code that won’t mean much.

Players won’t get much fallout from this suitcase as it’s just one of many collectibles in the game. At the least, hardcore gamers will be able to get a nice achievement for all of their “hard work.” Isn’t that why we play games in the first place? Once this is done, they can continue to enjoy the game’s nostalgic vibes and pretty witty writing.

While it’s usually more gratifying to find the solution yourself, the fact that there are so many suitcases in the game that it can be a bit too much. Then again, this is the gameplay loop the developers want and it’s up to the player to decide if they are up to open all these suitcases or not.

Beyond this suitcase code, Mallton does play a role in various parts of the story, so expect numerous returns here. It definitely adds to the game’s ‘90s flavor and we’re sure players won’t mind revisiting this area a few times.

And that’s the code to this particular suitcase so no one should be stuck on this item anymore. For more on The Big Con, here’s the luggage code. Those wanting a bit of Japanese rpg flavours to their lives can also check out our main walkthrough for Chained Echoes.