Lies of P all Record locations - how to find them Character breaking a safe

Lies of P all Record locations – how to find them

Pinocchio’s struggle with finding his inner humanity is very integrated into the gameplay, and you can earn humanity points that, in the long run, affect the ending you get. One way you can gain some of these points is by listening to music. There are several Records littered throughout the city of Krat that you can find. But if you are struggling with this task, then here are all the Lies of P Record locations.

These records can be played on the gramophone present in Hotel Krat. The moment you start listening to the Record in Lies of P, you will start making Pinocchio feel some very human emotions and make him a little bit more human than a mechanical puppet.

Keep reading to find all the Lies of P Record locations. During your hunt for these records, you will have to talk to a lot of people.

Lies of P all Record locations - how to find them Character talking to another character in front of blocked door

Where can you find Records in Lies of P?

The following are all the records players have found in Lies of P:

  • Feel: You can find this record by talking to a silhouette of a woman that you can find near the bridge that takes you to the Krat City Hall, just before you go down the ladder. You will need to bring the Broken Baby Puppet to her and then choose the “She’s a cute baby,” option.
  • Divine Service: To get this record, you need to travel to St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. Talk to Cecille there. Then collect the Holy Mark present on a table in the room with the safe. Come back to her before going on and defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus. After doing this, come back again to the Cecille’s location, and you will find the record and a letter.
  • Fascination: This record can be found in Estella Opera House Entrance, specifically in the room where Adelina The Actress was present. You will have to give her a Bright Red Apple that you can get from Polendina. Then, after you defeat the King of Puppets boss, return to the room where she was, and you will find the record.
  • Someday: This a record that can be bought from a Wandering Merchant present in Malum District for 3,800 Ergo.
  • Misty E’ra: You will need to go to Hermit’s Cave after deciphering the Rusty Cryptic Vessel. And then eliminate the Corrupted Ogre to get this record.
  • Quixotic: To get this record, you will have to go to the Grand Exhibition Conference Room. Defeat the Champion Victor and meet with Red Fox and Black Cat. You can get the record from them for a Gold Coin Fruit.
  • Far East Princess: Eliminate the imposter Alidoro in Relic of Trismegistu, and then go back to Hotel Krat. Decrypt Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel with the help of Venigni, read the decryption, and then interact with Eugenie. Choose the “I think he was just a talented Stalker” dialogue option.
  • Why: Travel to the Grand Exhibition Library and explore the area. Talk to Belle, and then go back to Hotel Krat after defeating the Champion Victor. Unlock the pathway behind Antonia’s portrait (you can do this by progressing through the story). Talk to Belle again and perform her request. Go to Krat Central station, and go downstairs, and enter the train car. Talk to the NPC there. Go back to Hotel Krat and interact with Belle. Lie during the conversation, and you will get the record.
  • Memory of Beach: You need to be at Hotel Krat. Basically, to get this record, you need to keep Antonia alive until she is gone. You can do a couple of things to accomplish this goal. Like getting the wedding ring after doing theJulian the Gentleman’s quest and then showing it to Polendina when he asks you about love. Buy Antonia’s cure from Giangio (the cure will only be available if you have told Giangio to make one after you defeated Champion Victor) and give it to Polendina. Once Antonia is gone, you will find a record in her wheelchair.
  • Shadow Flower: After you defeat the boss Laxasia the Complete at Arche Abbey, you can find Sophia in the next room. Choose the “Give Her Peace” option, and you will get a record.

These are all the Records you can find during your first playthrough in Lies of P. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles, such as Lies of P rare ergo use and How to beat Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P