Lies of P Apple - what to do with it explained Character summoning electricity

Lies of P Apple – what to do with it explained

In the grim world of Lies of P, you will encounter many sad and broken people. This dreadful atmosphere is not at all helped by the fact that most humans are also suffering from mysterious, horrible diseases. But this does not mean you cannot make any difference, and sometimes that difference comes in the form of an Apple in Lies of P.

At Hotel Krat, Polendina will have a Bright Red Apple for purchase, and if you are someone who is curious enough to buy it, well, there is an interesting thing you can do with it. This task will test your humanity, so you should really check it out.

Keep reading to find out what you can do with the Apple in Lies of P. After you use the apple for that task, you will feel really good.

Lies of P Apple - what to do with it explained Character talking to a another character

What to do with the Apple in Lies of P?

You can give the Bright Red Apple to Adelina, located at the Estella Opera House. So, basically, you need to go to the Estella Opera House Level, just travel to its Stargazer checkpoint. Enter the Opera House and start going up the first staircase, then on the right staircase. You will need to fight a lot of enemies, so be careful and take your time. Don’t try to rush through it.

Keep going up and keep fighting the enemies, and soon you will reach the area with the flaming chandelier. You will be on the balcony floor, so take a left and keep going forward till you reach the brown door. Open it up and talk to Adelina.

During your conversation, she will say that she is parched and is craving fruit. You then get the option to either give her the Apple or not give her the Apple. If you choose the former, you will get a point for your humanity.

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