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The Big Con luggage code – shoe quest explained

Stealing is never wrong when you do it in video games, which is why they keep letting you get away with it. So let’s keep on grabbing some good loot by finding out The Big Con luggage code so you will have no problem progressing in the game.

Knowing this code is crucial to find a secret quest known as The Shoe, so this requires some exploration. Unlike other games, it can be tricky to start some of these quests, so those with little patience might definitely need a little help.

For players who want to start The Shoe quest, here’s The Big Con luggage code and what it leads to.

What is The Big Con luggage code?

Straight to the point, the luggage code you will need for The Big Con is 4-5-2 so you are all ready to officially start this quest. At the very least, this is a fairly amusing quest with some witty writing, so you know you are in for a good time.

Getting this code to start the quest is confusing, as there aren’t any proper instructions to be found anywhere. You should probably try to look for it in the four shops or the alleyway, but that’s pretty time-consuming.

Thankfully, once you find the code, starting this quest is fairly easy and will be fun to partake in. Like a lot of the game’s writing, there’s a conspiracy with some over-the-top characters that culminate in some shoes.

We won’t spoil what happens in the story but fans of the game will enjoy the results of what happens. Needless to say, this secret quest is going to be a ton of fun once players activate it.

Partaking in this quest also means that players will be able to steal more things, meaning more fun. Obviously, stealing items is a major part of the gameplay loop, so the opportunity to take even more is good.

And that’s all we know about starting this hilarious quest. For more indie goodness, check out our walkthrough of Chained Echoes and solve the first puzzle in Signalis.