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How to get fish fillet in Trails from Zero

If you’re playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, you may come across the “Hunting For Ingredients” quest at the beginning of Chapter 1. The quest requires you to gather ingredients for Oscar at Morges Bakery on West Street. One of the ingredients you need is Trails from Zero Fish Fillet, are you hungry yet?

There are only a limited number of ways available to acquire the Fillet Fish to complete the “Hunting For Ingredients” quest.

If you want to obtain the Trails from Zero Fish Fillet, read on.

How to get Fish Fillet in Trails from Zero

One way of obtaining Fish Fillet involves the action of providing Cat Food to Coppe, the feline residing atop the SSS Headquarters. In the event that one’s attempt at preparing Crispy Fry proves unsuccessful, the resultant product will be the aforementioned Cat Food. Subsequently, it is possible to offer said Cat Food to Coppe, which will yield a total of three Fish Fillets.

If you didn’t have a chance to do this during the Prologue, don’t worry! You still have the opportunity to do it in Chapter 1. However, if you choose to feed Coppe Cat Food during Chapter 1, you’ll miss out on the chance to feed some fish, which would have allowed you to earn Quartz.

Another way to acquire Fish Fillet is by engaging in combat with Backlash enemies located in the Ursula Road region. These adversaries possess a favorable probability of dropping Fish Fillet when vanquished. It is worth noting that Ursula Road becomes accessible during the later hours of the day, necessitating a certain degree of patience to pursue this particular avenue.

 That’s how you can get the Fish Fillet in this role-playing game. If this guide helped you out, then check out our other content such as How to catch catfish – Stardew Valley and Dead Cells mirror – where to get and what it does.