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Foamstars characters tier list

Are you ready to party with foam? Indeed, the newest party game from Square Enix will let you do just that, whether with your friends and random opponents. But who should you play as? Let’s check our Foamstars characters tier list and you will know everything you need.

This classic party game comes in the same vein of other classics, such as Nintendo Splatoon for example and how to get super jump in that game.

But let’s dive in right away into our Foamstars character tier list and check them out.

The best Foamstars character to play as

Our favorite character to play as in Foamstars is definitely Mel T. Armed with the Heartful Delivery, she can fire long-distance ice cream-shaped missiles. Not only that, the ice cream can lock onto rivals, ensuring high damage in long-range combat. She can also summon a buddy to fire soap along with her Sumptuous Promo ability, which pounds a particular point with a bubble bombardment. The ultimate ability, Penetrating Cream Laser, fires a controllable laser beam of foam that can decimate enemies or cover a wide area. Keep in mind that she is locked behind the Season Premium Pass.

But let’s take a look at all the other characters in order of the ones we like to play as.

Penny Gwyn – eco-warrior with rifle

Penny Gwyn uses the PNG 90s assault rifle, high-precision soap firing rifle, great at long range. By using Penguin Squad, she is able to summon a body of water with foam shots. Toboggan Bombs, instead, will send a penguin sliding over the ground, creating a path of foam which will hurt enemies. Finallly, the ultimate ability is about the emperor penguin forging ahead, blasting foam and rivals in its path.

Rave Breaker – cleaning up the world with hose

Rave Breaker uses a wide hose-style weapon that fires foam over quite the wide area. His Home in the Foam ability will get your character under the foam and surface, able to get around enemies and get those shots in. Using Decontamination, he can use mines hidden in the foam, which shall explode upon detecting a nearby rival. With the Party’s Over, he will unleash a huge roll of foam that cleans out a whole area and damage rivals.

SOA – The Twin Gunslinger

SOA, the Twin Gunslinger, wields the Twinkle Groove, a handgun that feels like a proper auto machine. Using Bubble Step, she is able to fire agile shots while jumping around. With Spiky B, she can lob sticky grenades that will cause massive damage. Finally, she is also able to transform into an actual ball of foam that will also offer protection.

Agito – The Close-Range Shotgunner

Agito is also another character who uses a shotgun, called Muramasa. Using Deep Blue Gank, he can also dive into foam and surprise enemies with close-range attacks. With Storm Shot, he can throw around exploding shurikens, but be careful that those can also damage Agito, along with enemies. Finally, with Thanks GG, he transforms into a giant shark, chasing down nearby opponents and getting their health points down.

The Baristador – Long-Range barista

The Barista Door wields the Coffee Breaker, this is a weapon that can definitely shoot over a longer distance than other weapons. Using Super City Roast, he can also create a path of foam while spraying over a large area. With the Siphon Missile, he can also create a wall of froth upon impact. Finally, with Foaming Milk Laser, he can send a foaming milk laser down from the sky, with a top down view which will allow you a short time to aim.

Tonics – The Burst Rifle Specialist

Tonics specializes in burst rifles, using Her Majesty Queen Soda. With this rifle, she can fire a barrage of five foam shots, but that’s not all. Hold down the fire button to unleash a powerful foam bomb. Her abilities are also interesting, such a Ms. Fizzy Turret, plus the ability to unleash an exploding foam bomb named Mr. Bouncy Bubble. Finally, her ultimate will summon a robot, called Blaster, who will hone in whoever is closest.

Jet Justice – too close for comfort

Jet Justice is another shotgun-style character armed with the Jet Blaster. This character can charge up and unleash a massive foam shot, making it ideal for close-quarter encounters. Jet Justice’s abilities include Cosmic Dive, which allows for a powerful landing after a mid-air lunge, and Jet Vacuum Sphere, a grenade-like ability that draws surrounding rivals towards a single point. The ultimate ability creates a shield that repels enemy foam shots while speeding up weapon energy charging.

That’s all we have for you on our Foamstars characters tier list. For more information on party games, check out our guides on Splatoon 3 tableturf battle.

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