Starfield Mantis Puzzle - Characters is standing near his spacecraft

Starfield Mantis puzzle – how to solve it

If you are an avid Starfield player, you may have encountered the challenging Mantis puzzle. This puzzle is notorious for its deadly consequences if not solved correctly. However, fear not! In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to successfully solve the Starfield Mantis puzzle and reap the rewards that await you.

The Mantis puzzle is encountered during the “Mantis” mission, where you are tasked with infiltrating a secret outpost on the Denebola planet. As you progress through the hideout, you will stumble upon a room filled with turrets and traps. On the floor of this room, you will notice several rows of buttons, each marked with a letter. Stepping on the wrong panel or attempting to bypass them will trigger the turrets, resulting in a swift demise.

Read on to find out how to solve the Starfield Mantis puzzle and progress.

How to solve the Mantis Puzzle in Starfield

To successfully solve the Mantis puzzle, you will need to step on the correct tiles as you navigate your way across the room. One crucial clue that will aid you in this endeavor is a dataslate titled “Leon Volcain – Sic Sempter Tyrannis.” This dataslate contains an audio recording of Leon Volcain expressing his frustration about being sent to claim his inheritance.

The answer to conquering the Mantis puzzle lies within the title of the dataslate itself. The solution to the puzzle is the word “TYRANNIS.” As you make your way across the room, spell out the word by stepping on the corresponding tiles. It is worth mentioning that you can also explore the room and collect additional loot from the bodies scattered along the way.

To make it easier to visualize the correct path, here are the exact steps you need to take to solve the Mantis puzzle in Starfield:

  • Row 1: T— 3rd tile from the left
  • Row 2: Y— 1st tile from the left
  • Row 3: R— 5th tile from the left
  • Row 4: A— 6th tile from the left
  • Row 5: N— 4th tile from the left
  • Row 6: N— 7th tile from the left
  • Row 7: I— 2nd tile from the left
  • Row 8: S— 3rd tile from the left

It is crucial to exercise caution and precision while navigating the puzzle room. To ensure accuracy, consider utilizing the first-person mode and using the FPS camera to look down at the ground as you walk, verifying that you are stepping on the correct tiles.

Mantis Puzzle rewards

Completing the Mantis puzzle in Starfield is highly rewarding. Upon successfully crossing the room and defeating the robots that await you, you will be able to claim the coveted Mantis suit and unlock the Mantis ship. The Mantis ship boasts impressive features such as shielded cargo holds and an armory, making it a valuable asset in your interstellar adventures.

Moreover, completing the Mantis puzzle grants you the “Razorleaf” ship, which offers a cargo capacity of 420 and formidable weaponry. In addition, you will be rewarded with a full set of Mantis armor, renowned as one of the best spacesuits available in the game. Donning the Mantis armor will not only enhance your protection but also exude the aura of a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter.

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