Starfield Turrets - Looking at the sign board

Starfield Turrets – how to disable them

Turrets can be formidable enemies in the sci-fi game Starfield. These metal contraptions are relentless in their attacks and can pose a significant threat to players. However, there are several effective strategies for dealing with turrets. In this guide, we will share details on how to disable Turrets in Starfield.

Exploring the game’s environments and locating control terminals is crucial for success, but be prepared to face rogue turrets that require direct confrontation. 

Read on to find out how to disable Turrets in Starfield and survive some more.

How to disable Turrets in Starfield

Disabling turrets provides a non-confrontational method of neutralizing these dangerous enemies. One way to achieve this is by locating the control computer associated with the turret. In many cases, the control computer is not far from the turret itself, making it relatively easy to find. Once you have located the control computer, power it up and look for the option to deactivate the unit(s). By selecting this option, you render the turret inactive, effectively eliminating its threat.

How to hack turrets

For the more cunning players, hacking turrets can be a strategic option. By accessing the control computer, you can reprogram the turret to recognize your enemies as threats. This unexpected twist turns the once menacing turret into an ally, targeting those who originally deployed it. 

To execute this tactic, navigate to the control computer and select the “Update Friend/Foe Settings” option. With a few adjustments, you can turn the tables on your foes and use the turret to your advantage.

How to deal with rogue turrets

While many turrets can be disabled or hacked through control terminals, there are instances where you will encounter rogue turrets. These autonomous turrets operate independently and cannot be controlled through traditional means. When facing a rogue turret, the only option is to confront it directly and utilize your combat skills to defeat it.

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