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Satisfactory Caterium ore – where to find it

Satisfactory provides players with a wide variety of resources and items that they can use to work towards making that legendary space elevator. For example, Caterium Ore comes in this category being a semi-rare ore. So, to help you out, here’s how you can mine Satisfactory Caterium ore and where to find it.

Most of the time, resources are easily available, but now and then, you will hit a barrier due to a resource being pretty scarce. But this particular ore can be found early in the game and can also be used to unlock Zipline and Blade Runners.

So, let’s not waste any more time and read on to find out about Satisfactory Caterium ore and where to find it.

satisfactory caterium ore Character collecting resources

Where to find Caterium ore in Satisfactory?

Caterium Ore can be found on cliffs, behind rocky outcroppings, and some of the Caterium nodes are blocked by cracked boulders and needs to be detonated with a Nobelisk or Explosive Rebar before you can mine them. Make sure you are constantly using Radar Towers to locate nodes.

For harvesting Caterium Ore, you can just use your hands whenever you see a resource deposit, but the most effective way has to be by using Miner on resource nodes and just getting everything automatically. Most of the nodes would be sticking out, so make sure you thoroughly search the area.

If you feel more adventurous, you can even mine blocked nodes with your hands and place portable miners between and around the boulders. Furthermore, if you have a tamed Lizard Doggo, there is a high chance of them bringing you Caterium ore as well.

Once you get the Caterium ore, you can smelt them into Caterium ingots, which are mostly used to create advanced electronics. Visually, this resource looks very similar to gold or silver.

This was everything you needed to know about Caterium ore in Satisfactory, and hopefully, all of this information helped you to find Caterium ore in your game. So, if you liked what you read, then please check out our other content, such as Satisfactory mercer sphere explained – what is it? and Satisfactory console commands and what they do.