Satisfactory mercer sphere explained - what is it? Strange plant glowing

Satisfactory mercer sphere explained – what is it?

Satisfactory while being a factory simulation game has a lot of strange and ambiguous objects that many players are still trying to understand the purpose of. The Mercer Spheres are one of them as they are a bunch of pretty strange artifacts that look very creepy and mysterious. So, fans of the game are constantly looking for information related to Satisfactory Mercer Sphere explained and what is it?

The Mercer Sphere has been in the game for a while now, and still, there is not much players have unearthed about it and how exactly it will affect everything in the game.

So, keep reading on, and here’s Satisfactory Mercer Sphere explained and what is it?

Satisfactory mercer sphere explained - what is it? Strange sphere radiating light

What is the Mercer Sphere in Satisfactory?

Currently, the exact purpose of Mercer Sphere is unknown but it is confirmed that this artifact is tied to the story of Satisfactory somehow. But how? Let’s speculate a bit.

These artifacts can be found in areas where the enemy population is generally high. They are usually near uranium deposit Spore Flowers, Cracked Boulders, or Poison Pillars. You can find them on their own Mercer Plant. Right now, you can only collect them as a collectible, however, if you stand in front of a Mercer plant, weird audio files will start playing and a raspy and mysterious voice will start saying random things.

The following is the transcript of all of the dialogues from these audio files (Source: Satisfactory Wiki) :

  • “Harvest.”
  • “Comply.”
  • (impatient) “Harvest. It.”
  • “Harvest it.”
  • “I strongly advise you to harvest this specimen.”
  • “Your contract legally compels you to harvest this artifact.”
  • “You are so lucky that you found this most valuable artifact.”
  • “Picking up multiple FICSIT personnel in the area, proceed with harvest before it’s too late.”
  • “Breaking news from Earth: widespread chaos and mayhem. World president urges all citizens to do their part and harvest alien artifacts.”
  • “Relaying message: Hello this is (voice changes) paternal figure (voice changes back). I have taken ill and need your help to find a cure. Doctors say that the only remedy is alien artifacts.”

Players have also found that in the closed alpha version of this game, they have received in-game messages from “,” this is a clear reference to the Mercer Plant.

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