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Does Apex Legends have cross progression?

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Apex Legends is one of the top battle royale games out there. Players might be wondering if the game has cross progression. In this guide, we will take you through the question of whether Apex Legends cross progression exists.

Cross-progression allows players to connect their accounts across different platforms and access all of their unlocked content from any device. Meanwhile, crossplay lets you play with your friends even if they are on a different platform to you.

Keep reading to find out if Apex Legends cross progression exists!

Apex Legends – does it support cross progression?

One highly requested feature by Apex Legends players is the ability to carry their progress between different platforms, including consoles, PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. This is known as cross-progression, which is not yet available in the game. Players can still use crossplay to add their friends to Apex Legends.

However, it is worth noting that the game supports partial cross-progression. This is only available between PC platforms, such as Origin and Steam, and between previous console generations, such as PS4 and PS5.

Cross progression is not currently available between PlayStation and Xbox consoles, or the Nintendo Switch. This omission is a disadvantage for Apex Legends compared to its competitors. If you’ve tried games such as Warzone and Fortnite, you’ll know that they have full cross-platform progression.

Respawn, the developer of the game, has confirmed that cross-progression is still in the works. However, there has been no release date yet. Despite previously stating that it would be added in 2022, it has been delayed.

Thus, cross progression is not currently available in Apex Legends, but crossplay is. For more tips and tricks, check out our other guides such as Octopath Traveler 2 Foreign Assassin – how to hire the character and WWE 2K23 platforms – where can you play the wrestling game?