Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Power Berry

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town power berry locations

Exploring the fantastic world of Story of Seasons, players embark on a challenging farming adventure that revolves around cultivating crops, rearing animals, and selling products for a profit. To keep up with the demanding physical demands, players can depend on the ever-reliable Power Berries to energize and keep their stamina in check. This guide is your go-to source for Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town power berry locations.

Power Berries can boost your energy levels substantially, allowing you to power through your daily tasks and accomplish more than you would otherwise.

So without any further ado, let’s find out the Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town power berry locations so you can get collecting.

Story of Seasons power berry locations

In Story of Seasons, there are 10 locations where power berries can be found. See below for the specific locations of each power berry:

Shove Your Farm

The hunt for a Power Berry doesn’t have to be tedious; you may be able to uncover one simply by digging up the soil on your farm. Stay patient and persistent, as it could pop up unexpectedly anywhere on your field.

Buy from the shop

After purchasing a Large Bed from Gotts, a Power Berry will become available for purchase at the General Store. It may seem strange that a bed purchase would lead to acquiring a Power Berry, but that’s how it works in Mineral Town. Once you have the necessary funds, head to the General Store and buy the Power Berry to boost your stamina.

100th Floor of the Spring Mine

Explore the depths of the Spring Mine, located near the serene Goddess Lake by the Hot Springs. Although it may take some time, the exciting journey to the 100th floor of the mine could lead you to a rare Power Berry. Grind away and keep exploring until you strike gold and discover the elusive Power Berry.

Race Medal at the Derby

If you’re interested in participating, don’t miss the Horse Racing Festival, also known as the Spring Derby, which takes place on Spring 18 in Mineral Town. Even if your horse is not fully grown for your first year, you can still place bets on the races. By earning 900 Medals from betting, you can exchange them for a Power Berry from Mayor Thomas.

Win the Spring Derby

If you failed to obtain a Power Berry during your initial Spring season, do not worry. In the subsequent year, make sure to prepare an adult horse for the Spring Derby. Participate in the race with the aim of finishing first, and you will be rewarded with another Power Berry. You can also increase your chances of winning by betting on yourself, potentially earning a significant number of vouchers.

Win the Fetch Fest

Once your beloved pet has reached a mature state and honed its catching skills to perfection, emerge victorious in the highly acclaimed and challenging Fetch Fest, and bask in the glory of being awarded a Power Berry.

Behind the Lake Mine

During the winter season, make your way to Lake Mine, which can be found near the entrance to Lake. The good news is that obtaining this Power Berry requires very little effort. Simply go behind the mine’s entrance, and you’ll find the Power Berry waiting for you. 

Fishing in the Ocean

During the colder months, when the fields lie fallow, you can devote your time to angling or mining. Head to the pier along the coast and cast your line. There’s a chance you might snag a Power Berry if luck is on your side. This chance to fish is only available in the winter.

19th Floor of the Lake Mine

During the winter season, you can access the Lake Mine by journeying to the 19th floor of the mine and searching the area diligently. Keep digging until you unearth the Power Berry hidden beneath the icy surface.

From the Harvest Goddess

At the location of the Hot Springs, a pool of water can be found where the Harvest Goddess is known to reside. In order to gain her favor, present her with gifts on a daily basis. By consistently offering items for ten consecutive days, her admiration for you will grow, and ultimately she will grant you a Power Berry as a reward.

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