Fortnite Giant Snowball - Creating a snowball

How to hide in a giant snowball in Fortnite

Fortnite introduced an exciting challenge that required players to hide inside giant snowballs at various locations on the map. While this challenge is no longer available in the game, it’s still worth exploring how to create and hide in these giant snowballs. In this guide, we will share details on how to hide in a giant snowball in Fortnite.

Creating and hiding inside giant snowballs provide players with strategic advantages and opportunities for surprise attacks.

Read on to find out how to hide in a giant snowball in Fortnite.

How to create a giant snowball in Fortnite

In order to hide inside a giant snowball, you need to create it first. To create a giant snowball in Fortnite, you must find a snowy location on the map. Once you are in a snowy area, equip your Harvesting Tool and start hitting the ground. Each strike will cause snow to accumulate and form a snowball.

As you continue to strike the ground, the snowball will grow in size. Be careful not to let it roll too fast, as it can cause damage to you and others around you. Keep hitting the snowball until it reaches its maximum size and stabilizes. Now you have successfully created a giant snowball in Fortnite.

How to hide in the giant snowball

Once you have created a giant snowball, it’s time to hide inside it. As the snowball grows the right size, you will notice a ‘Hide’ prompt appear when you look at it. To jump inside the snowball and hide, simply press the interact button.

Hiding inside a giant snowball can be a strategic move in Fortnite. It provides you with cover and allows you to surprise your enemies. However, keep in mind that while inside the snowball, you won’t be able to move unless you are on a high hill slope or a cliff. This limitation can be turned into an advantage, as you can roll down the hill and launch a surprise attack on opponents located at the bottom.

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