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Satisfactory alternate recipe tier list

To make meaningful progress in Satisfactory, you have to indulge your mind and skills in unlocking alternative recipes. These alternative recipes heavily impact the gameplay and increase resource management, productivity, and factory efficiency. However, to understand and analyze which type of alternative recipe is best for your goals, you will have to spend a lot of time. Thus, here’s a quicker workaround, Satisfactory alternate recipe tier list.

Furthermore, to unlock these alternative recipes in the first place, you need to research hard drives. This is actually where the more time-consuming aspect of this process comes in. In any case, this Satisfactory alternate recipe tier list will truly help you out regarding which alternate recipes you should put all your efforts into.

So, keep reading on and find a tier list for alternate recipes designed to make your gameplay more effective.

Satisfactory alternate recipe tier list Machines working

Here’s the Satisfactory alternate recipe tier list

So, overall this might be our tier list of favorite for alternative recipes:

S-Tier: Cast Screw, Classic Battery, Cooling Device, Charcoal
A-Tier: Silicon Circuit Board, Heavy Oil Residue, Encased Industrial Pipe, Pure Caterium Ingot
B-Tier: Polymer Resin, Iron Alloy Ingot, Crystal Beacon
C-Tier: OC Supercomputer, Steel Rotor, Plastic Smart Plating
D-Tier: Electrode Circuit Board, Flexible Framework, Seismic Nobelisk

Hard drives themselves can be found at Crash sites and then can be researched with the help of MAM. Once you do this, you will get the 3 alternate blueprints options to choose from. Another thing to keep in mind is that the set of blueprints you get to choose from will be random and all alternate recipes can be only used in factory buildings.

For a particular Alternative recipe to show up during research, you have to make sure that you have unlocked or fulfilled a certain Milestone, Research, building, or other Alternate Recipe. Therefore you may have to unlock lower-tier Alternative recipes first before moving on to the upper tiers.

Now, you have a tier list to follow so that you can perfectly optimize your alternative recipes in Satisfactory. If this guide helped you and then please check out our other guides on Chained Echoes full walkthrough, guides, tips and tricks, and Factorio solar panel ratio guide.