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Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals – how to save Shelley

Yes, Oxenfree 2 is here, and yes it’s been seven whole years between the first game and the sequel. There are many side missions and quests in Lost Signals, and you have to complete certain specific steps to complete them, like how to save Shelley in Oxenfree 2 and more.

Shelley is a character that you will encounter in the spooky horror game. And because the game relies heavily on your actions to dictate the overall outcome, you can miss her or not help her entirely.

So, we’ve put together this handy Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals how to save Shelley guide so you know exactly where to go and what to do to get the achievement.

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How to save Shelley in Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals

You will encounter a forest ranger called Shelley on your playthrough of Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. Partway through the story, she will call you on the radio and this will trigger a side mission that you can get an achievement for.

Near the end of the game, you will be asked to head down to the docks. Make sure you’ve exhausted all of your optional radio dialogue with Shelley by this point. You can do this by calling her periodically as you’re walking around the island.

When you reach this point, head to the convenience store located on the west side of the island. The phone on the wall outside the convenience store will start to ring. Answer it. There will be a garbled message from an entity that tells you to warn Shelley not to leave her cabin.

To save Shelley in Oxenfree 2, you need to radio her and warn her. When she asks you whether she should leave her cabin or not, say “Don’t go.”

You will then get an achievement notifying you that you saved her life.

That’s all you need to know about how to save Shelley in Oxenfree 2, for more guides on other similar horror games check out our GYLT achievements guide and sdjifhidf.