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How to Catch Bugs in Palia

Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure as a bug-catching enthusiast in Palia? Bug catching is a thrilling skill that allows you to explore the beautiful landscapes of Palia while honing your patience and crafting abilities. In this guide, we will share all the necessary details on how you can catch bugs in Palia.

From obtaining the necessary equipment to leveling up your skills and creating your own bug collection. Everything you need to know, we have covered in this guide.

Continue reading to find out how to catch bugs in Palia, and get ready to become a master bug catcher.

How to Catch Bugs in Palia

To begin your bug-catching journey in Palia, you’ll need to acquire some essential equipment – smoke bombs and traps. These items can be obtained from Auni, a knowledgeable villager located in Kilima Village. Auni is not only an expert bug catcher but also a valuable source of information on various skills in Palia.

To find Auni, explore Kilima Village and keep an eye out for this knowledgeable villager. Once you’ve located Auni, introduce yourself and express your interest in bug catching. Auni will guide you through the basics of insect catching. They will also provide you with the necessary smoke bombs and traps to catch the bugs.

To improve your chances of success in catching rare and elusive bugs, Auni can offer you valuable recipes to upgrade your gear. Higher-tier belts, enhanced smoke bombs, and lures can significantly enhance your bug-catching abilities. Don’t hesitate to visit Auni’s store regularly to see if there are any new tools or equipment that can aid you in your bug-catching endeavors.

Benefits of Catching Bugs in Palia

Bug catching in Palia offers endless opportunities to discover and collect a wide variety of bugs. Each bug you catch will not only be added to your inventory but also recorded in the in-game encyclopedia. The book allows you to track your progress as a bug collector.

With numerous species to find and successfully catch, bug catching in Palia is a true delight for avid collectors. Probably in the future, in the game there will be quests related to bug catching along with contests.

That’s how you can catch bugs and become the mater bug catcher in this cozy life simulation game. If you find this guide helpful then check out our other Palia guides. For example, How to place the house foundation in Palia and How to make money fast in Palia.