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Best Shuri decks Marvel Snap

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There are a lot of powerful cards that you can incorporate into your Marvel Snap decks. In this guide, we will take you through the best Shuri decks Marvel Snap.

Shuri is a popular 4-cost card that doubles the power of the next card played on reveal. You can buy it from the Token Shop for 3000 Collector’s Tokens. Players usually combine Shuri with high base power cards to dominate locations and quickly rack up points.

Let’s find out how to use the best Shuri decks Marvel Snap!

Marvel Snap – what are the best Shuri decks?

If you’re looking for a specific deck to use with Shuri, consider trying out Shuri Zero. This deck revolves around playing Shuri first, followed by Red Skull and then Taskmaster. Playing Red Skull and Armor in the same location makes this strategy hard to beat. When you skip turn five, She-Hulk is a good backup plan. Pair her with another five-cost card to make the strategy more reliable.

Players often pair Shuri with Red Skull, Taskmaster, Zabu, Wong, and Armor to create powerful combos. The most famous combo is using Red Skull and Taskmaster to play one card each round, totaling more than 60 power points spread across the board. You can play Wong before Shuri to double its effect, and Zabu can reduce the cost of both cards by one. Armor is important for any deck that uses Shuri, as it does not allow cards to be destroyed, which can counter Shang-Chi.

Another option is Shuri Electro Ramp. This deck adds Nimrod to your archetype, which you can use in combination with Arnim Zola. Use Electro to reveal that the goal is to use one card per turn as best as possible. Black Panther and Nimrod benefit greatly if Shuri is played before them.

We hope that this guide helped you get an idea of the best Shuri decks in Marvel Snap. Looking for more guides? Here’s the Best destroy deck explained and our experience of a hands-on demo of the game.