Best destroy deck Marvel Snap explained brood card

Best destroy deck Marvel Snap explained

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Marvel Snap lets you build multiple decks with a limit of 12 cards per deck. In this guide, we will take you through the best destroy deck Marvel Snap.

When building decks in Marvel Snap, players can choose from a variety of strategies, including the “Destroy” strategy. This strategy revolves around using cards that are designed to destroy other cards, as well as cards that benefit from being destroyed.

With that out of the way, let’s find out what the best destroy deck Marvel Snap is!

Marvel Snap – what is the best destroy deck

One of the most powerful cards in Marvel Snap is Death. Follow our tips here to fully utilize the deck to its full strength. 

To start, you need to focus on building up your cards in the early rounds. One effective strategy is to play Nova in the first round followed by Bucky Barnes in the second round. By the third round, you can unleash the classic one-two punch of Deadpool and Carnage. By the end of round three, you should have a +9 Carnage, +4 Deadpool, and +6 Winter Soldier.

In round four, use Venom to further boost your cards. This will give you a +8 Deadpool and +20 Venom at one location. Then in the fifth round, you can play Taskmaster at a different location. Taskmaster will copy the last card you played, which in this case is the +20 Venom card. By round six, you’ll find that Death only costs three energy to play. Now, you can pair her with Taskmaster to get a total of +32 energy at a location.

You can also add Killmonger to the mix in the sixth round. This card will eliminate Deadpool one last time, giving you an additional +16 Deadpool boost.

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