Marvel Snap characters looking

Marvel Snap – hands-on demo

While some of us might have grown up playing traditional card games, like Magic The Gathering or spending hours on Hearthstone, we might want to reconsider our free time cause there is a new hero in town. 

Comic Book fans prepare yourselves, Marvel’s upcoming card battler is not only villainously addicting but an extremely simple entry for newcomers to enter the trading card space. The game is being developed by Second Dinner, a company made-up of some of the devs who previously worked on titles like Hearthstone, which shows a lot of promise as their pedigree is definitely unmatched. 

We were fortunate to receive an opportunity at this year’s New York Comic Con event to try our luck at this 1v1 card battler. Here’s our impressions after trying a Marvel Snap hands-on demo.

The objective in Marvel Snap is to simply capture the game’s three fields, or at the very least two of the three, by placing cards that add up to a higher overall power score than your opponents. Each card in the game will have its own power number and it’s up to the player to decide which of the fields  they want to place it in. It is also important to keep in mind that each card will have a cost in order to be played and both the field and cards themselves have effects that can alter power points.

The big kicker is when the fields reveal their effects within three of the six turns and can easily turn the tide of battle, which adds a clever level of surprise and strategy to the game. The game features some of the most impressive artwork we’ve seen for a digital TCG game, but what’s very eye-catching are the various animations for each card. These can be anything from when you’re just looking and admiring your snazzy new card to when you play the card in the game and see it live in action. 

In Marvel Snap, your deck of cards consists of twelve and each game is only six rounds. This will not only cater to dedicated TCG fans but also to individuals like myself, easily intimidated by card games, who will have a much easier time jumping in for some casual fun.You’ll find that when compared to other popular trading card games, Yu-Gi-Oh! for example, Marvel Snap is designed for fast-paced matches. Yu-Gi-Oh! can take up to 40 mins to complete a match, whereas Marvel Snap takes only 3 minutes. 

Being a TCG game, there are microtransactions implemented, but fear not as the developers seem to have done a good mix of free and premium content. Should you decide to drop some hard earned cash, there are bundle options to secure some fancy exclusive cards, like a shiny limited edition Captain America, along with a season pass system that allows earning both free and premium cards. The game will also hold seasonal events and in-game challenges that provide opportunities to obtain some very stylish exclusive cards.

Marvel Snap has already been slowly rolling out in various regions, but the good news is that the game will be released globally on October 18th 2022. If you haven’t already, be sure to go ahead and pre-order the game to get some neat exclusive pre-launch cards like an Iron Man designed by artist Dan Hipp or a Hulk designed by Max Grecke!

Marvel Snap is developed by Second Dinner and will be released on Steam, iOS, and Android on October 18th 2022.