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Marvel Snap sentry deck – best synergy cards

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It is definitely one of the most popular trading card games, the one which features all of the iconic Marvel characters. One of the key aspects of the game is creating decks with powerful synergy between the cards. In this guide, we will be discussing the best synergy cards for the Marvel Snap Sentry deck.

If you want to gain a significant advantage on the board in Marvel Snap, you can try to destroy or block The Void that gets placed through Sentry, or even swap it over to your opponent’s side. By doing so, you can gain a lot of value and potentially turn the game in your favor.

Let’s find out the best synergy cards for Marvel Snap sentry deck!

Best synergy cards for sentry deck in Marvel Snap

Here are the best synergy cards that you can use to create an effective sentry deck:

  • Zero: Turns Sentry into a 10-power card for 4 energy.
  • Carnage: Works well with Sentry. You get the 10 power from Sentry and can destroy one card with Carnage to gain +2 power when using Carnage on top of The Void.
  • Deathlok: Can destroy The Void and replace it with his 5 power.
  • Viper: Risky combo with Sentry, but highest reward. Send The Void with -10 power to your opponent’s side. If you can do this, Sentry becomes a 20-power card. Be aware that once The Void is there, your opponent will be suspicious.
  • Cosmo: Decent card to play with Sentry to avoid its reveal effect and just have the 8 power of Sentry.

If you want to try out Sentry in your deck, here are some of the best Sentry decks in the current meta, ranked by how well they perform. With these decks, you can push your rank quite well and potentially become one of the strongest players in Marvel Snap this season.

That’s all you need to know about the sentry deck in Marvel Snap. You also might want to check out what the Best Shuri decks are. Plus, here’s a new and upcoming game that you might like called Brotato