Risk of Rain Returns mods - launch trailer character looking at a portal sphere.

Risk of Rain Returns mods – is modding available?

Are you interested in adding mods in Risk of Rain Returns? While it’s not available yet, here’s what to expect from modding in the future. Overall, modding is a great way to spice up your gameplay. Previous RoR games include a wide variety of mods, ranging from simple, quality-of-life changes, to huge content updates. Let’s see what to expect from Risk of Rain Returns, the latest addition to the series.

Risk of Rain Returns mods - launch trailer character with a red cape surrounded by drones.

Are there any Risk of Rain Returns mods available?

Unfortunately, at the moment, there are no Risk of Rain Returns mods. The game was released only two weeks ago, so it’s too soon for modding. However, since both Risk of Rain and Risk of Rain 2 have modding support, we can expect it to be available in RoRR too.

When will mods be available in RoRR?

As for if and when mods will become in Risk of Rain Returns, while there’s no official release date, we can make some speculations. First, workshop support is planned by the developers, as mentioned in the official Risk of Rain discord server.

However, it will take a while before it’s release. This is because RoRR is made using the GameMaker engine which, unlike Unity, is significantly more difficult to modify. If I have to guess more specifically, an estimate would be around 2-3 more weeks until modding is released.

Thankfully, the game has a wide variety of content available to keep you occupied until then. For instance, you can consider checking out our guide on how to unlock all Risk of Rain Returns characters.

In conclusion, while modding isn’t currently available in Risk of Rain Returns, it is being worked on. We expect modding to be released within the next few weeks, although this is only an estimate. If you want to get notified immediately about modding, consider joining the game’s discord server linked above. For more similar content, here’s how to get the illegal shipment in Risk of Rain Returns.

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